Recent Registrations  
27-05-2021 to 24-06-2021


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
A011653Nobivac Canine Oral Bb03-06-2021Schering-Plough Animal Health Ltd view
A011681Intubeaze 20 mg/mL Oromucosal Spray for Cats11-06-2021Dechra Veterinary Products NZ Limited view
A004564EQUIPALAZONE 1g01-06-2021Dechra Veterinary Products NZ Limited view
A011849Cervidae Oral23-06-2021Nexan Corporation Limited view
P009870Rainifos27-05-2021Shandong Rainbow International Co., Ltd. view
A011863Oxfen Dual Low Dose Oral08-06-2021Seneca Holdings Ltd view
P009872Stinger 36010-06-2021PGG Wrightson Limited view
P009882WYNCA Acetochlor 84027-05-2021Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co. Ltd. view
P009867Voltage27-05-2021Adria New Zealand Ltd view
P009889Rainbow & Brown 2,4-D 720 Amine09-06-2021Rainbow & Brown Limited view
P009892WYNCA Dicamba 50017-06-2021Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co. Ltd. view
A011883Unlock Cyromazine Liquid08-06-2021Seneca Holdings Ltd view
A011884Unlock Cyromazine Spray-On08-06-2021Seneca Holdings Ltd view