Recent Registrations  
01-11-2021 to 29-11-2021


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
A011843CATOLYST Minidose03-11-2021Alleva Animal Health Limited view
A011725Lypex11-11-2021VetPlus International Limited view
A011876Campylovexin Duo02-11-2021Virbac New Zealand Limited view
P009895Vitae 250SC04-11-2021Agrinova New Zealand Ltd view
P009903Synergy Fluro04-11-2021Agsin Pte Ltd view
A011898Ilium Meloxicam 20 Anti-inflammatory Injection for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Horses19-11-2021Troy Laboratories Pty Limited view
P009917PATROL CLEAR24-11-2021Agsin Pte Ltd view
A011903MARATHON Se Oral Drench for Sheep26-11-2021Alleva Animal Health Limited view
P009924Patriot One15-11-2021PGG Wrightson Limited view
A011905Abapure09-11-2021Seneca Holdings Ltd view
P009926Country Mile Brushkiller04-11-2021Nufarm Limited view
P009930CYANO 900WG15-11-2021PGG Wrightson Limited view