De-registered Products  
29-11-2020 to 29-11-2021


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Date of De-registration Actions
P0088451, 4-Ship15-10-2013UPL New Zealand Limited30-11-2020 view
A008299Nobivac Forcat23-10-2001Schering-Plough Animal Health Limited11-12-2020 view
A008303Chemeq Polymeric Antimicrobial (for Pigs)16-12-2002Portison Pty Ltd21-12-2020 view
A009242CHEMEQ polymeric antimicrobial for chickens01-06-2007Portison Pty Ltd21-12-2020 view
P008472PARAQUAT 200SL17-09-2014Adria New Zealand Ltd24-12-2020 view
P007651Emerald 10WG01-06-2007Adria New Zealand Ltd24-12-2020 view
P007680Centric30-07-2007Adria New Zealand Ltd24-12-2020 view
P009032Agcare Dicamba 50014-10-2014Grosafe Chemicals Ltd06-05-2021 view
P009108Defensor12-06-2015Agritrade (part of PGG Wrightson Ltd)27-01-2021 view
A004159PROSOLVIN01-05-1981Virbac New Zealand Limited02-02-2021 view
P007335Lorox Linuron Flowable12-09-2005Tessenderlo Kerley Inc04-03-2021 view
P008952Tui Caterpillar Eliminator for Fruit, Veges & Flowers05-02-2014Evergreen Garden Care New Zealand Ltd04-03-2021 view
P008449GIBBMAX Liquid20-09-2011Fertilisers Direct06-05-2021 view
P008696StemCap PC-111-12-2012Omnia Specialties NZ Ltd04-03-2021 view
P009236Tui Organic Insect Control for Fruit, Veges & Flowers RTU25-09-2015Tui Products Limited04-03-2021 view
A011211SucroMate Equine Deslorelin Acetate Sterile Suspension23-11-2015Thorn BioScience LLC (a division of CreoSalus Inc.)04-03-2021 view
P005501TREET10-05-2000Chemcolour Industries (NZ) Ltd04-03-2021 view
A011144eVet Phenobarbital Sodium Injection for Dogs01-06-2016e-Vet Limited04-03-2021 view
P007150Agpro Terbuthylazine 62505-08-2004Agpro (NZ) Limited04-03-2021 view
P009410Organic Kiwi Garden Disease Spray17-12-2008Evergreen Garden Care New Zealand Ltd04-03-2021 view
P002244Lannate L01-12-1973DuPont (New Zealand) Ltd05-03-2021 view
P009479Huwa-San TR 50 Ag/Hort09-02-2018Hydrowater Limited17-03-2021 view
P008031Trinity08-06-2010Cheminova (NZ) Limited05-03-2021 view
P008275Vantal24-02-2011Cheminova (NZ) Limited05-03-2021 view
P008995Smart Assassinate Selective Herbicide08-05-2014Agri Plus Limited05-03-2021 view
A010647Animal Treatment Formalin19-05-2011George Weston Foods (NZ) Limited T/A Jasol New Zealand05-03-2021 view
P003084CHEMAGRO SIMDOLE SDA29-04-1982Chemagro NZ Ltd08-03-2021 view
P005865Blackspot & Fungus Spray10-05-2001Lonza NZ Limited08-03-2021 view
P005452Deltaphar 25EC02-11-1999Adria New Zealand Ltd09-03-2021 view
P009492Kiwi Garden Marvel Insect Spray26-06-2017Tui Products Limited09-03-2021 view
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