Recent Registrations  
24-04-2019 to 22-05-2019


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
P009440Mitron Flo29-04-2019Adria New Zealand Ltd view
P009496GLY-OXY02-05-2019PGG Wrightson Limited view
V009649DOUBLE TAP Pellet Bait03-05-2019Invasive Pest Control Limited view
P009672Kiwiagri Mesotrione 480SC02-05-2019Kiwiagri Crop Solutions Limited view
P009679WeedOff09-05-2019Agritrade (part of PGG Wrightson Ltd) view
P009680Tripicrin15-05-2019Trical NZ Limited view
P009683Jinbasa09-05-2019JC-Chem Industry Co Ltd view
P009691Manzeb08-05-2019PGG Wrightson Limited view
P009692Serious Xtra06-05-2019Agri Solutions Ltd view