Recent Registrations  
31-10-2020 to 28-11-2020


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
A011619Clompoze 80 Tablets11-11-2020Dechra Veterinary Products NZ Ltd view
A011620Clompoze 20 Tablets11-11-2020Dechra Veterinary Products NZ Ltd view
A011728Scorpius Elite Spot-on05-11-2020Donaghys Limited view
A011735Vetmed Triplemax Sheep Oral10-11-2020Nexan Corporation Limited view
P009749eco-oil Organic Insect Spray10-11-2020DuluxGroup (New Zealand) Pty Ltd view
P009755Scott’s Performance Naturals Insect Spray11-11-2020Evergreen Garden Care New Zealand Limited view
P009757Harvista 1.3 SC26-11-2020AgroFresh New Zealand Limited view
P009762eco-oil Organic Insect Spray Ready to Use16-11-2020Dulux Group (New Zealand) Pty Ltd view
P009765Grandevo WDG02-11-2020Nufarm Limited view
P009793Tal-Ken 100 Insecticide/ Miticide24-11-2020Kenso Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd view
A011834Numocaine Injectable Pain Relief17-11-2020Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd view
A011836Simparica EZY17-11-2020Zoetis New Zealand Limited view