Recent Registrations  
19-09-2018 to 17-10-2018


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
P009507CHATEAU Herbicide25-09-2018Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd view
A011518Bovilis MH + IBR12-10-2018Schering-Plough Animal Health Ltd view
A011561BioRelease Altreno Injection09-10-2018Caledonian Holdings Ltd view
P009610Beetril27-09-2018Agri Solutions Ltd view
P009613IMTREX21-09-2018BASF New Zealand Ltd view
A011604NEOVET FOR CATS12-10-2018Neove Pharma Australia Pty Ltd view
P009622Porinex 250SC16-10-2018Agsin Pte Ltd view
A011628UNLOCK CONCENTRATE08-10-2018Agvet NZ Limited view
A011630UNLOCK POUR ON08-10-2018Agvet NZ Limited view
A011637UNLOCK COMBINATION08-10-2018Agvet NZ Limited view