Recent Registrations  
26-07-2019 to 23-08-2019


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
P009178Flosul 800g/L SC Fungicide and Miticide12-08-2019Sulphur Mills Australia Pty Limited view
P009562Organic Insect Control Ready to Use31-07-2019Kiwicare Corporation Ltd view
P009633Floratech Prolong Growth Regulator02-08-2019Floratech International Limited view
A011682Apex Meloxicam KG Oral Suspension for Dogs08-08-2019Dechra Veterinary Products NZ Ltd view
P009710DK-Mesotrione 480 SC07-08-2019Danken New Zealand Limited view
P009711Carnage31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009712Duke31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009713Brutus31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009714Clethora31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009715Flame31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009716Boomer31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009717Scout31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view
P009719Performa31-07-2019Relyon NZ Limited view