Recent Registrations  
24-10-2018 to 21-11-2018


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
P009508WORTHIDE XTRA13-11-2018Shandong Rainbow International Co., Ltd. view
P009523Sodio 50WG15-11-2018Adria New Zealand Ltd view
P009552Bulwark31-10-2018Agsin Pte Ltd view
P009599Weed Weapon Natural Power (concentrate)01-11-2018Kiwicare Corporation Ltd view
A011588Phoenix Flunixin Injection29-10-2018Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd view
A011589Apex Meloxicam Oral Suspension for Cats15-11-2018Apex Laboratories NZ Ltd view
P009605Metarex Inov Snail and Slug Bait02-11-2018De Sangosse SA view
P009609PDQ02-11-2018Agsin Pte Ltd view
A011606ULTRAVAC 5+1 Se B1229-10-2018Zoetis New Zealand Limited view
A011607ULTRAVAC 5+1 B1229-10-2018Zoetis New Zealand Limited view
P009634Upaxial05-11-2018Shandong Rainbow International Co., Ltd. view
A011640Active+ Delguard Pour On05-11-2018Nexan Corporation Limited view
A010377NV Readyserve Oral Progestagen for Horses09-11-2018Ceva Animal Health (NZ) Limited view
A011646Ravensdown Deltamethrin Pour On07-11-2018Nexan Corporation Limited view