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Recent Registrations  
18-06-2018 to 16-07-2018


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Registration number Trade Name Date of Registration Registrant Actions
A011263AVIMEC05-07-2018Vetafarm view
P009323Savvy 500SC21-06-2018Agrinova NZ Limited (trading as Grochem) view
P009499ROLEN FULL25-06-2018Shandong Rainbow International Co., Ltd. view
P009545Belvedere Forte19-06-2018Adama New Zealand Limited view
P009557Atranex Flow25-06-2018Adama New Zealand Limited view
P009577SCYLLA27-06-2018Grosafe Chemicals Ltd view
P009585Baton 800WSG20-06-2018Nufarm Limited view
A004363COMPUDOSE 20003-07-2018Elanco Animal Health view
A007298COMPUDOSE 10003-07-2018Elanco Animal Health view
A011591EnroDROPS20-06-2018Ethical Agents Veterinary Marketing Limited view
P008051Stratos28-06-2018Lonza NZ Limited view
A010097Popantel F Flavoured Allwormer Tablets for Dogs29-06-2018Jurox New Zealand Ltd view
A010098Popantel F Flavoured Allwormer Tablets for Large Dogs29-06-2018Jurox New Zealand Ltd view
P005470GOLDAZIM 500SC29-06-2018Adria New Zealand Ltd view
P009222Director CS02-07-2018Nufarm Limited view
A009917Cyrex02-07-2018Elanco Animal Health view
P007996Oxy 500 SC02-07-2018Lonza NZ Limited view
A011446BRAVECTO Plus Spot-On Solution06-07-2018Schering-Plough Animal Health Ltd view
P007311FANDANGO04-07-2018Bayer New Zealand Limited view
P003406Sencor04-07-2018Bayer New Zealand Limited view
P008762Westminster Strike Spraying Oil12-07-2018Orion AgriScience Limited view